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My daftness match

Between me and Himself I reckon most people think he is the sensible one and I’m the daft one.  I thought it to start with too.  Not so much these days though.  First this week we had the incident with … Continue reading

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Parties and planning

This weekend we have mostly done things for Mummy W’s big birthday and it’s been fun. There was planning involved – quite a bit of it. The most surreal part was when Dad asked me a month or so ago … Continue reading

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Table for two?

It’s often a bit of an effort to raise a smile first thing on a Monday morning, isn’t it?  Yesterday morning was different: I got the giggles before 8am. A month or so back, for no apparent reason, one an area … Continue reading

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Necklaces and noodles

You know that phrase ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’?  Well, I’m rubbish at it.  Today I have been dressed in tracksuit bottoms, slippers and a snugly warm top, accessorised with a few soup stains.  … Continue reading

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Daftness. Just because.

I nearly forgot how fun it can be to do something daft, just because you can. A few weeks ago I worked on something for the company intranet.  It wasn’t terribly creative, but it was seen as pretty different from … Continue reading

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Holiday daftness

Tonight as we walked to the local taverna, I said I’d buy and write some postcards after dinner. ‘Don’t buy any stamps’ dad said ‘I have three with me.’ Last year I bought postcards, added stamps and before I wrote … Continue reading

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The daftness gene

You know how sometimes, just occasionally, I come across as a bit daft?  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is, in fact, a daftness gene.  And it definitely runs in my family.  I even have photographic evidence: Here … Continue reading

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Not thinking things through

You may have realised by now that I don’t always think thinks through. Like this Sunday when I walked into my bedroom and did a high pitched squeal as I discovered a dead body part way under my bed.  If … Continue reading

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A week of chaos

I promise that (unfortunately) none of what you’re about to read is made up.  It never is – I lack the imagination – but it may all sound a bit farfetched.  It’s actually just my life. So, this week has … Continue reading

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The Dress of Daftness

Last Friday I took half a day’s leave.  I spent it sitting in my parent’s cellar with my Mum.  I was sewing a dress and Mum was helping me (there were pleats, darts and bias binding involved.  There was no … Continue reading

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