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The mystery of the doors

I’ve always been really good at checking things.  Some people would call it OCD, but I never leave a door unlocked, a window open, or the car open for anyone to snaffle the rather eclectic 10 or so CDs that … Continue reading

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Meals on wheels….almost

I know I often bimble on about Bumpkinsville countryside and wildlife, but Mum and Dad’s Bumpkinsville is a whole different level to what I have been used to.  The other morning two deer ran out infront of my car , … Continue reading

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Painting and Pog Plates

Today Norman got a card in the post which included a clipping of some things he could chose for his birthday present.  This was from an actual person, not a company doing promotions or anything.    That happens to all … Continue reading

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Sisters are doin’ it for themselves…just about

On Saturday I went on a car maintenance course.  Before I left home ‘Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves’ came on the radio, which seemed rather appropriate.  I sang along, feeling quite smug that I only really needed to learn … Continue reading

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Not thinking things through

You may have realised by now that I don’t always think thinks through. Like this Sunday when I walked into my bedroom and did a high pitched squeal as I discovered a dead body part way under my bed.  If … Continue reading

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One epic commute

OK, so the UK is not known for its ability to deal with any sort of weather that could be classed as ‘out of the ordinary’ (ie, not damp and grey) but let’s ignore that fact and just accept that … Continue reading

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A bit of a humph

When you have to drive through your icy village at 20mph to get to the station you should probably consider whether you really need to go to the office.  When you see a snow plough it’s worth further consideration (all … Continue reading

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Oh Lordy!

Most people have probably seen enough of the white stuff, but earlier I ventured  out to take some photos for posterity. Flaw 1: Wellies were in the car boot. Flaw 2:  I have no shovel (and had the same problems … Continue reading

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