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Tangle-y words

For a hypnotherapist I’m scarily good at getting my words in a tangle.  The good news is that ‘confusional hypnosis’ is a thing so when my words come out wrong I can confidently convince myself that it was what I’d … Continue reading

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Oh arse. Sheep arse.

I have sat here all day, running client Zooms sessions.  It wasn’t until the fifth session, as I waited for my client to log on that I looked at the view behind me.  And realised that the toy sheep on … Continue reading

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Bumpkinsville in pictures

It’s that time of year where people are posting pictures of their holidays. I love seeing far away places, but actually, it’s the ones closer to home that I love the most…possibly because those places seem more attainable. As I … Continue reading

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A bit of a humph

When you have to drive through your icy village at 20mph to get to the station you should probably consider whether you really need to go to the office.  When you see a snow plough it’s worth further consideration (all … Continue reading

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Beware of the evil sheep!

Last Friday I left Norman and Charlie for a long weekend with The Girls.  We were off to Devon to celebrate a birthday and do a spot of walking.  Initially, I didn’t tell The Girls that as a rule, I … Continue reading

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A bit of a daydream and a bit of an invite

I have been asked out.  Sadly, not by a 6 foot plus hunk of gorgeousness who is going to throw me over his shoulder and whisk me off into the sunset (yes, I admit in this daydream I am a … Continue reading

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