A bit of a humph

When you have to drive through your icy village at 20mph to get to the station you should probably consider whether you really need to go to the office.  When you see a snow plough it’s worth further consideration (all I could wonder was whether it had got lost en route to the US.  We had ice, yes, but I didn’t think a few inches of snow was worth getting a plough out for).  When the first two trains out the station are cancelled (meaning an hours wait to find out if the third one has any intention of arriving) it’s time to start listening to the signs.  So I did.  I drove home.  And the car broke down on the way.  It’s definitely been a day that would have been better had I started it at 7am rather than ‘achieved’ all of the above by then.

Anyway, enough moaning – I was lucky in that my car has been fixed and I didn’t quite have to take out a second mortgage to fix it.  And walking home from the garage I got to take these quite pretty pictures.



And: I’m not a sheep (they must be freezing without two pairs of socks and boots that are essential in this weather) :o)


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