Beware of the evil sheep!

Last Friday I left Norman and Charlie for a long weekend with The Girls.  We were off to Devon to celebrate a birthday and do a spot of walking.  Initially, I didn’t tell The Girls that as a rule, I don’t walk unless I have no other option or if food is involved.  Happily, I felt able to break this news before we left and was promised alcohol en route and a cream tea if I made it to the end.  I also made it clear that I would not being doing any map reading (the drive from Somerset to Kent with an unscheduled stop in Cornwall still haunts me).

Anyway, we set out on Saturday aiming for the sea, happy in the knowledge that as long as we kept the river next to us, we’d definitely get there.  We lost the river.  We (eventually) found some sheep.  The sheep looked like they were guiding us in a particular direction so I suggested we follow.  Amazingly, The Girls agreed.  Not so amazingly, the sheep led us completely the wrong way.  We are of the firm opinion that they were in fact evil sheep, intent on taking over the world.  We were just a bit of practice for them….

The Evil Sheep

The moral of the story: Beware of the evil sheep.  Do not follow them like a erm…sheep

For the record, it was ME who found the right way back to the river (with the help of a friendly cyclist) having discovered that a certain one of The Girls had the map upside down when we wandered sheep-wards.  We suspect that the evil sheep may have played a part in that too.

We made it!

And it was SO worth it!

Baa :o)

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2 Responses to Beware of the evil sheep!

  1. OMG; the picture of the cream tea… oh… I am salivating! Want want want.

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