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Still Pogging it.

I don’t think I’ll ever learn.  I’ve been internally congratulating myself recently that I’ve been being a bit of a grown up.  I’ve done this before and been repaid with something slightly odd happening so I should have known. I … Continue reading

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Correcting noo noos on IWD

Once every week or so I venture into the office. Despite a (very) early start, the fact that I have to miss my run and having to wear grown up clothes, there’s usually at least one thing that makes it … Continue reading

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Side effects of working from home

I’m starting to worry about me.  I’m really lucky – I get to work from home four days a week so I get to wear slippers at my desk, have Norman help with my work and eat all the food … Continue reading

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Bemused, amused, confused

I guess we’ve all had someone say something about us behind our backs at some point, whether we know it or not.  And usually that something is linked, at least a little bit, to some sort of reality.  I thought that … Continue reading

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no power, no brain power

‘While I think you’re incredibly creative, you certainly can’t make this kind of stuff up!’ That was the start of an email from my boss this afternoon in response to my email informing her and a whole heap of colleagues that … Continue reading

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No Heimlich maneuver needed

People who know me tend to agree that I am really, really good at one thing:  Panicking. I’ve not managed to prove the point very often, but there is a small occasional exception:  When something actually worth panicking about happens. … Continue reading

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This week in makingness…

(Sorry, these things are all rather random and the day has been too long to wind them together in a better way, so in the style of ‘showing’ / ‘show and tell’ at primary school…) This week I’ve made: …Cherry Pie. … Continue reading

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