Side effects of working from home

I’m starting to worry about me.  I’m really lucky – I get to work from home four days a week so I get to wear slippers at my desk, have Norman help with my work and eat all the food in the house (which isn’t really a good thing), but I think it’s starting to affect my sanity.

You see, Our Towers is close to a nature reserve where a lot of people walk their dogs, and I seem to have become obsessed with the numbers that walk past the house each day.  Not just in a smiling at the cute brown puppy that bounces rather than walks, or marveling at the old couple who have seven dogs between them kind of way.  I mean I do this:

I suspect my tally of dogs versus walkers is not normal.

Then today, two people knocked on the door: two real live people.  They were Jehovah’s Witnesses – it was quite the human interaction I hoped for.  I watched them walk next door, wondering if chatty neighbour would enjoy their visit more than me, but they walked past.  And they passed the next house, and the next, and the next. I thought about this for a while.  Norman was asleep so he was no help in providing a view on why they came here, but apparently nowhere else. In the end, I messaged Himself.

‘Do I look particularly ungodly?’ I asked.  He required further details and once I’d explained my consternation he pointed out that the other houses might have ‘those signs on their doors’.  Oh god, this was worse than I thought.

‘You mean like those marks that burglars leave saying “this house is worth robbing”? Do you think rather than “not really worth breaking in, no dog, just a growling cat” we have “particularly ungodly; in need of saving”?’ I typed, slightly frantically.

‘No.  I meant they probably have “no cold caller stickers”.’ he replied  Oh yes.  That’s a bit more likely.  I think I may have over thought this a little….

Anyway, we reached 47 dogs and 40 walkers today; this is a record.  I’ll keep you updated; I’m sure you’re terribly interested :o)

(I’m sorry)

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