Random bits…

…because this week is turning out to be a bit random in many ways.  But there are smiles:

My sisters are in competition over who can make my postman laugh the most:


Inside the latter I got a lovely mixture of goodies, including actual hugs:

I’ve popped them in a vase right in front of where I work :)

And at the other end of the house I have these smiles:

I love that spring is coming (well, if it can make it’s way through the torrential rain, it is.  As I said to Sister 1 earlier, surely it has to run out at some point?!)

And if it doesn’t, well that’s ok, because the postman delivered my broomstick today (I don’t think he quite knows how to take me.  Especially when I waved at him the other day and he came rushing back, just for me to have to explain that I was just waving hi), so I have a zippy mode of transport sorted if I need to get away :o)

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