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Random bits…

…because this week is turning out to be a bit random in many ways.  But there are smiles: My sisters are in competition over who can make my postman laugh the most: And: Inside the latter I got a lovely … Continue reading

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What is your heart’s desire?

Because I have to run in whole kilometers (because I am a bit odd like that), on my seafront runs I have particular places I turn depending on how far I am going.  There is one turning point where I … Continue reading

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Idyllic Ibiza. Mostly without, you know: people.

A quiet holiday with no Pog moments is what I desperately wanted this year after the mishaps of the last few.  Especially as I quite liked the idea of Himself thinking I am a grown up, just occasionally, and this … Continue reading

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Table for two?

It’s often a bit of an effort to raise a smile first thing on a Monday morning, isn’t it?  Yesterday morning was different: I got the giggles before 8am. A month or so back, for no apparent reason, one an area … Continue reading

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A few Friday giggles

Here’s two random giggles from this week: In our office we have (very large) fantastic pictures on the walls taken by the photographers that work for the company.  If you’re an important sort of a person you can choose the … Continue reading

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A little smile

Just a short one tonight – I thought you’d like to see this gorgeous view at the end of my road first thing this morning. Even when it’s cold and a bit bleugh there is usually something to smile about. … Continue reading

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A Cookie Fairy Secret. Shhhhhh…

I’m going to tell you a secret.  Don’t tell anyone though. The cookie fairy has been doing overtime.  Over the last 4 weeks she has baked something in the region of 1000 cookies… And what was the reason for this?  … Continue reading

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A January Smile – I Love You

The second week in January is not particularly noteworthy.  If anything it seems to be dragging more than last week (I actually thought it was Friday night when I went to bed last night.  Yes, that was Monday night).  I had a … Continue reading

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Resolutions and Revolutions

Oh Lordy, how did we get to the end of 2010 so fast?  Eyes down and focus Pog, this calls for resolutions.  Only I thought about it last night as I was waiting for Charlie to stop trying to kill … Continue reading

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Panic, Preparation and a lovely Present

Well, after the Christmas party finishing with a white van and a French bull dog and the resulting horizontal day (hangover – nothing more exciting), I had one more day off and managed long weekend of Christmas panic.  For some reason … Continue reading

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