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Random bits…

…because this week is turning out to be a bit random in many ways.  But there are smiles: My sisters are in competition over who can make my postman laugh the most: And: Inside the latter I got a lovely … Continue reading

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Meals on wheels….almost

I know I often bimble on about Bumpkinsville countryside and wildlife, but Mum and Dad’s Bumpkinsville is a whole different level to what I have been used to.  The other morning two deer ran out infront of my car , … Continue reading

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An open letter to thermostat person

Dear person in charge of the UK thermostat, Are you having a laugh?  It is the end of April and it might as well be February.  Us British already talk too much about the weather – I’m crocheting a temperature … Continue reading

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Pog pictures – week 8

This week, spring, crochet, family and…um, toilet brushes. :o)

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Another pair of eyes

Apart from a few stops in London, Geneva and the Canary Islands, I’ve lived in Bumpkinsville all my life.  Which is why it was weird driving through the local villages this weekend with TTB.  I really did get to see … Continue reading

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Spring is Sprung

Yesterday I was told that if I had a brain I’d be dangerous.  I thought that was a little harsh coming from a lady working in a shop who I’d only met once before.  However, I did rather prove her … Continue reading

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