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An open letter to thermostat person

Dear person in charge of the UK thermostat, Are you having a laugh?  It is the end of April and it might as well be February.  Us British already talk too much about the weather – I’m crocheting a temperature … Continue reading

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Random bits and makingness

I was going to tell you my observations on men on the early morning train and the toilet, but 1) I thought better of it 2) I have had the loooongest week and just want to log off and do … Continue reading

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A little makingness update

This weekend I have: Caught up with my temperature blanket: Made another pair of trousers: Despite Norman’s protestations: Got all healthy: And made eight dinners /lunches: Finished and delivered two minions hats: And started making more. There is a cake … Continue reading

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Dragons and uneven stripes

When I crochet I like things to be symetrical.  This doesn’t aways work, especialy if I’m making up the pattern but the intention at least, is that things should match.  At the end of last year Sister 2 saw this on … Continue reading

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