A little makingness update

This weekend I have:

Caught up with my temperature blanket:


Made another pair of trousers:


Despite Norman’s protestations:


Got all healthy:


And made eight dinners /lunches:


Finished and delivered two minions hats:


And started making more. There is a cake in the oven right now and there is still a heap of things to get done on my to do list.  It’s been busy, but I do like a makingness weekend :o)

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2 Responses to A little makingness update

  1. Wow! I guess we would all like to see several bands of yellow and orange on your temperature blanket – maybe soon? And you probably wouldn’t get so much done if Norman didn’t help you!😀🐱🌻

    • thepogblog says:

      I was looking longingly at the claret earlier, wondering if will ever happen. We nearly got to green this week, but them someone turned the thermostat down. Humph. Norman helping drives me nuts, but I do laugh…eventually. :o)

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