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The mystery of the doors

I’ve always been really good at checking things.  Some people would call it OCD, but I never leave a door unlocked, a window open, or the car open for anyone to snaffle the rather eclectic 10 or so CDs that … Continue reading

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A discombobulating start to the week

Monday mornings are never terribly fun times, but when you have a power cut at 5.15am on a Monday morning it tends to completely discombobulate you.  It’s still dark when your bedroom is in the middle of a terraced house … Continue reading

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Dragons and uneven stripes

When I crochet I like things to be symetrical.  This doesn’t aways work, especialy if I’m making up the pattern but the intention at least, is that things should match.  At the end of last year Sister 2 saw this on … Continue reading

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Pog Pictures

I just wrote a whole post, went to press publish and….my laptop died.  Taking it as a sign that either it a) was not worth reading or 2) my laptop and I need a break, here are a few photos … Continue reading

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Worrying and yellow sweets

I tend to worry a bit a lot a stupid amount.  I am the sort of person who, if I get a few miles from my house and think that I may have left my straighteners on, I have to … Continue reading

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Bradley goes into retirement

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ around the number three.  Some might call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  They might be right.  I have to ‘check’ things three times.  The windows, the front door, the car doors (the door handles … Continue reading

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