A discombobulating start to the week

Monday mornings are never terribly fun times, but when you have a power cut at 5.15am on a Monday morning it tends to completely discombobulate you.  It’s still dark when your bedroom is in the middle of a terraced house at that time and it results in having to hold a torch in your mouth to put your earrings in, because, even though you  put them in every day without looking, as soon as you can’t use the mirror to find your ear lopes, you absolutely have to.

That made me start worrying about other things:  Was I risking my commute with just one mascared eye?  Had I put everything in my bag that I needed?  Had packed my herbal tea bags?  Had I finished getting dressed?  Had I turned off everything that had to be turned off, or was there a chance that everything would come back on with a bang and I’d come home to a small pile of burned Pog Towers?  I stopped panicking for a minute and considered giving up and just working from home.  But I had no power so that wasn’t going to get me very far.  Back to the panicking it was…

Thankfully the power came back on just as I was about to launch myself out the front door and I had time to check everything.  Then check it again, because I am good at checking and you should do things that you are good at a lot. And just one more time, because these things need to be done in threes.

Of course, I then discovered that the car needed de-icing, and frankly it is a miracle I actually made my train at all.

Happily, today was a different sort of day.  It’s been sunny and I worked from home.  I even set myself up right by the conservatory doors with a spot of crochet while I listened to an hour of online training (crochet helps me focus rather than ‘multi tasking’ with email and missing everything, honest).  I think I can consider myself recombobulated :o)


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