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Speeches and chocolate mice

I’ve been writing my wedding speech.  I’m in total panic as I realised this weekend that it’s ten weeks on Friday that we’ll do the marrying thing. (I know it’s not normal for the bride to do a speech, and … Continue reading

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Happy pants and houses

I have a pair of happy pants.  When I wear them, happy things often happen.  Sometimes I wear them if I need some specific to happiness.  I don’t wear them too often as 1) I don’t want to wear out … Continue reading

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A discombobulating start to the week

Monday mornings are never terribly fun times, but when you have a power cut at 5.15am on a Monday morning it tends to completely discombobulate you.  It’s still dark when your bedroom is in the middle of a terraced house … Continue reading

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It’s raining chaos

I go on holiday on Friday.  I’m usually really organised about this sort of thing, but something has gone wrong this year and I’ve left everything right to the very last minute.  This is resulting in a lot of ‘oops … Continue reading

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Bye bye for now!

You could call me a creature of habit. I always catch the same train to work, get on at the same carriage and sit in the same seat. I always do my shopping on a Thursday night and always have … Continue reading

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Charlie Cat Missing in Action

As Facebook friends will know, today has not been the best.  Charlie cat was last seen Wednesday evening – which I know isn’t long ago, but Charlie requires almost hourly cuddles and so when he wasn’t at the end of … Continue reading

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The best laid Pog Plans…

I have had a hideous day. I was up at 4.30am, left for work at 5,30am and got home…at 9.30pm. The pay off for throwing myself out of bed at 4.30am is that I am usually home by 5.30pm. And … Continue reading

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Planning, Pogimals and Panic

I’ve been up every night doing it…I’ve been doing it in the garden…I’ve even mastered the art of doing it on the train…. Minds out of gutters please people – I mean I’ve been doing more than a a spot of … Continue reading

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