The best laid Pog Plans…

I have had a hideous day. I was up at 4.30am, left for work at 5,30am and got home…at 9.30pm. The pay off for throwing myself out of bed at 4.30am is that I am usually home by 5.30pm. And the reason I do this is so that I still have time to do something with my evening, but mostly it is because I HATE, HATE, HATE rush hour on the tube and train. Crowded places fill be with dread. I’d rather eat my own eyeballs (and I’ve never been a fan of offal).

Anyway, at 6pm today I was still in the office, promising that I’d log on as soon as I got home to do the-terriby-important-thing-that had-to-be-done-today-but-STILL-wasn’t-ready. That meant I had to leave and get across London and to Bumpkinsville in rush hour. I turned into a coward, and decided I couldn’t face the tube and that I would walk to London Bridge.

Now, the problem with this plan was that I’d never walked the route before and I have absolutely no sense of direction (I once attempted to drive from Somerset to Kent. I ended up in Cornwall). I was not going to be defeated though – oh no. I got verbal directions, directions pointed out on a map, directions sent to me in words and lines drawn on a map. I also took notes and wrote them on the back of my hand.

I got lost. Of course I did. Only once though, and I found a terribly nice gentleman to point me the right way. I also got a stitch, a twisted ankle and a lot of funny looks (to ward off the panic I tried to walk to the beat of each track on Florence and the Machine’s album while avoiding the lines on the pavement. Thinking about it now, maybe that was one of the contributing factors to getting lost…)

I made it to the station eventually though, very happy that I’d avoided the crowds. I waited a very cold 40 minutes for my train which pulled in…absolutely packed. Grrrr.

Oh well, I’m home now…and that terribly-important-thing-that had-to-be-done-today? Now here’s a surprise…it’s not ready! So it will be a repeat performance of that side of things tomorrow. Only tomorrow I’m staying put at Pog Towers.  I’m not going through all that again -it will be a lot less stressful from my sofa :o)

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