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Table for two?

It’s often a bit of an effort to raise a smile first thing on a Monday morning, isn’t it?  Yesterday morning was different: I got the giggles before 8am. A month or so back, for no apparent reason, one an area … Continue reading

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The end of one chapter; the start of a new one

A little over 18 months ago I started a new job.  2 months into the role the entire team I had joined  had quit; I tried not to take it personally.  It took 6 weeks to get anyone to speak … Continue reading

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Weirdness and a compliment

How on earth is it only Tuesday?  It’s being a weird week on all sorts of levels, the weirdest (and potentially entertaining….in a decade or so) being the fact that someone has decided to move into the recently vacated desk … Continue reading

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A Sausage Dog mum and a lack of animal snap

I have a new friend!  It’s all very exciting.  Ok, that might be stretching the truth a bit, but over Easter there was a reshuffle in the office and new people have been scattered all around me.  People who interact … Continue reading

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On a hunt to find smiles

My new office is not a terribly happy place.  On day 1 of week 4 I had the first conversation that I hadn’t initiated and was very excited.  And then felt grumpy as that was hardly impressive.  The people on … Continue reading

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First week of new job discoveries

I’ve got through the first week in my new job, but it’s been…different.  I think the fact that I bought my first ever lottery ticket this week probably says quite a lot.  There was no ‘getting up to speed’.  No, … Continue reading

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Necklaces and noodles

You know that phrase ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’?  Well, I’m rubbish at it.  Today I have been dressed in tracksuit bottoms, slippers and a snugly warm top, accessorised with a few soup stains.  … Continue reading

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