A few Friday giggles

Here’s two random giggles from this week:

In our office we have (very large) fantastic pictures on the walls taken by the photographers that work for the company.  If you’re an important sort of a person you can choose the pictures in your office.

In the lift the other day there was a very big, very heterosexual looking, very American boss complaining very loudly to a big English boss.

‘My PA thought it would be funny while I was away to have pictures of David Beckham and Brad Pitt put up in my office.  They just stare at me.’

He didn’t seem to see the funny side.  I did and sniggered out loud.

I guess it’s not surprising that feedback a while back was that I need to ‘work on my gravitas’ :o)

And out of work, I was reading posts on a local network and thought I’d misread a post.  I re-read and realised I’d not.  And I laughed lots.  This was it:

Has anyone got a Donkey that XXX church can borrow on Sunday for its Palm Sunday procession? Sorry for late notice but Paddy the Donkey has sadly been put down. It would have to be safe with kiddies….. Can anyone help ?

I wasn’t laughing at Paddy’s fate.  That, of course, was sad.  It was more the fact that social media could potentially help with the acquisition of a child friendly donkey at short notice that amused me.

For the record, to date, three donkeys have been identified but all have prior engagements.  A black Shetland pony has been offered if things get desperate though.  Who knew donkeys had such an active social life?


This is 'Donk' from Ithaca, where I went on holiday last year.  I wonder what his social life is like...

This is ‘Donk’ from Ithaca, where I went on holiday last year. I wonder what his social life is like…

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