The end of one chapter; the start of a new one

A little over 18 months ago I started a new job.  2 months into the role the entire team I had joined  had quit; I tried not to take it personally.  It took 6 weeks to get anyone to speak to me in the office; I did take that pretty personally (but found a combination of playing secret baker and cornering people while they made coffee eventually got people being a bit more vocal).  It’s been a bit of a tough one, but yesterday was my last day.

I bought breakfast for the team:


I packed up my (rather ‘lived in’) desk into a crate:


And I was given beautiful flowers:


On Tuesday I start a new role.  It’s a bigger sort of a job and I’m already waking up throughout the night convinced that the new team will realise in a matter of days that they have made a mistake hiring me.  My tongue and mouth are covered in ulcers (which always happens at the far end of ‘stressed’).  And I have a half day to go shopping for big girl clothes so I at least attempt to look like I am ready for the role (an activity that uaually reduces me to a petulant 5 year old).

The good news is that I’ll be in an office I’ve worked in before, so I know I wont have to spend six weeks in silence.  Please could you just keep my fingers crossed that the team I’m joining don’t decide to leave en masse before the summer? :o)


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10 Responses to The end of one chapter; the start of a new one

  1. Fingers & toes crossed! May you not just retain your team but also lead them most impressively! All the best! Loved the frankness in the post!

  2. Steve says:

    Good luck Pog! Any team would be lucky to have you, never mind to be led by you. I speak as a former colleague, even though it’s been a while. 16 years, in fact. :)

    • thepogblog says:

      Ooohhhh, help me out here…..I need more than just a first name and year! But thank you very much!
      (Just to be clear though, I am not running a team, just being part of one- I obviously didn’t write that very clearly. I have enough trouble managing myself, I couldn’t manage anyone else! :o) )

    • thepogblog says:

      I just worked out who you are….you confused me with the nAme you used! Do you remember at our group interview all those years ago when I accidentally threw the lid of the coffee pot over my shoulder? Well, things haven’t improved much since then! :o/

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