A Sausage Dog mum and a lack of animal snap

I have a new friend!  It’s all very exciting.  Ok, that might be stretching the truth a bit, but over Easter there was a reshuffle in the office and new people have been scattered all around me.  People who interact with each other, who know each other’s names, and who aren’t scared to talk a little about life outside work.  It’s the best thing that has happened in five months at work.

I now sit next to a very friendly girl and we established in a very short time that we both live on our own with an animal (me with Norman, her with her miniature sausage dog), both are feeling jaded by work, and both have slight OCDs (me with checking, the number three and yellow sweets, her with cleaning.  She’s the first person I’ve met to carry dettol wipes in a handbag and whip them out on a daily basis…).  So maybe not quite a friend, but a very lovely work colleague who is interesting and interested.  And I’ve missed that.

And in other work news, I had my second coaching session this week and I can tell you that the cards Coach H said she’d bring were definitely not animal snap.  They were strength cards – you had to look through them and find five you felt were your biggest strengths at work and talk them though – how they helped you and how they might not.  Being very English the exercise mad me uncomfortable….English people rarely admit to being good at something – or at least this one does.  And they were all values, rather than ‘things’ so ‘crochet’ and ‘looking after Norman’ didn’t feature at all.

Anyway, the five I grudgingly chose were:


(Social Intelligence, Curiosity, Integrity, Gratitude and Humour)

If you know me you might want to have a bit of a giggle at me right now.

Then I had to choose four cards that I’m not very good at and work out how I could improve on them.  It was difficult to go for just four, but I chose these:


(Perspective, Courage, Persistence and Hope)

I did point out that all were quite difficult to achieve when you’re the only one in what was a team of six and don’t have time to think, but you never know – people in the office might soon see a more courageous, persistent, hopeful Pog with more perspective.  Or I might just stick to putting the world to rights with the sausage dog mum.  That’s good with me too :o)

And just one small tip: It’s probably best not to tell your business coach that you were hoping that the new boss of your (non existent) boss who just started would be straight and single.  That’s the point that you get a slightly disapproving look and a ‘You wouldn’t seriously go out with someone from the office would you?’  Because then you find out why that strength of ‘integrity’ doesn’t work so well at work… I’m not sure the answer of ‘Pretty much everyone I’ve ever been involved with has been someone I’ve worked with…’ was a very good one, even though it was completely honest.  Ooops :o)

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