Lessons learned, mostly from Little Pea

I’ve just had the best 10 days.  No work, no laptop, and don’t fall off your chair, but I even found the off button to my blackberry (I admit, it took a good 10 minutes to identify) and managed to keep it turned off for most of each day, just sneaking a quick peek in the evenings.

I didn’t completely switch off my brain though.  Courtesy of Little Pea, I learned quite a lot:

Somewhere can advertise itself as a rare breeds farm and only contain two animals.  However, when one is a peacock which Little Pea promptly falls in love with:


And the other is a Zedonk:


(I’d never have believed it), you can kind of forgive them.

When you are nearly two, puddles are the best thing in the world:


And when you’re 39, the best thing in the world is having a Little Pea slip his hand into yours for no particular reason:


Other people may award you bad auntie awards (seriously, one lady did have a go at me), for letting a very little person play on a very big play ground….


(But he loved it and I’d been up and checked it was all safe)


….but you can award yourself a bad auntie award and know you deserve it when Little Pea is in this position rasping ‘Stuck!  Stuck Pog!’ and you laugh lots and take a photo before coming to his rescue.


Cooking is a weird thing:


It tastes so good at the mixing stage:


But when the goods are ready to eat, Little Peas’ decide that because they are brown, they are dirty (Still, Sister 1 and I did quite well out of that :o)  )

Jelly oranges, on the other hand were a real (and very slurpy) hit:


And Nanny B made birthday cakes….now they are brown, but they are goooood


And cards made especially because Little Pea likes making monster noises may seem good in principle…until you ask what it is:


‘Peacock’ apparently.  Still, at least he remembered the peacock.

I also learned that I did  have room in Pog Towers (kind of) for another chair which will be the next upholstery project, that seven straight hours of gardening makes you feel about 80, that you can get 16 rows from the end of crocheting a cardigan that’s taken weeks and decide you don’t like it after all and spend two hours undoing it all, that the day before a bank holiday is the absolute worst day to be sent for a blood test (it take 45 minutes for two nurses to get through 28 people) and it is possible to make scones that don’t resemble pebbles….by adding rather a lot of baking powder.

And my very favourite picture from my Easter holiday:


Talk about a gorgeous smile from a big boy who is now two :)

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8 Responses to Lessons learned, mostly from Little Pea

  1. notewords says:

    Charming photos! He has a gorgeous smile.

  2. notewords says:

    Feel free to get rid of my first comment.
    I meant to say ‘Gorgeous photos and a charming smile’

  3. Theresa Hamilton says:

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday!

  4. Frances b says:

    Holding hands with Hannah as we walk to nursery is my favourite part of the day.

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