Professional Pog?

I’ve never been one of those hugely ambitious people at work.  My goal has always been to be as good as I can at my job without missing out on life.  I’ve worked with people who stay in the office until the tubes have stopped running on a regular basis, and I’ve never really got it.  I also never really got the opportunities they have – and understood entirely.  They were the ones worth investing business resources in as they wanted to get somewhere that didn’t really interest me.

Which is why it’s slightly surreal that in a team of 80 or so people (the big team, obviously not my current team of…um…me), I’ve been the person picked to work with a business coach.  Or maybe it’s not that surreal – maybe this is an attempt to get me wanting to go places….hmmm.  I felt a bit guilty accepting the opportunity; other people would fight for this – I was just slightly bemused.  But I was also quite excited.

We met for the first time yesterday for a ‘chemistry meeting’ to see if we felt we could work together.  It felt a bit like a date – I was careful what I wore in case I didn’t look deserving enough of professional guidance.  It turns out that was a waste of time as it poured on the way to the office soaking my trousers and hair.  The result: My trousers clung to my ankles and my hair went curly on one side (because you know me, I couldn’t have hair that behaves the same on both sides of my head).  I was nervous and worried that she wouldn’t like me.  We had a slight ‘moment’ when it came to paying for the coffee – what was the etiquette in this situation?

But it turned out that I didn’t need to worry.  Coach H is lovely.  Her last job was as a psychologist in an Australian prison, so she should be able to cope with me, just.  Our next session involves cards.  I requested animal snap, but apparently it’s not those sort of cards.  It’s a little disappointing, but I’ll give her version a go and see what happens.  You never know, I might end up being a professional.  One Day.  Maybe.  Well, you never know…

For now though, I am logging off for a week.  My first break from work since Christmas, and I am so ready for it!

Happy Easter Chickens to you!


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8 Responses to Professional Pog?

  1. You’re far more ‘professional’ than you give yourself credit for. You are totally committed to doing a good job, no matter how demanding other people are of you, and it has finally been recognised. Well done and I can’t wait to hear about the cards – I’ve got tons of ‘Top Trumps’ if you want them. :) x

  2. notewords says:

    Good luck!
    Love the chicken chorus…

  3. Paula Harrington says:

    I’m with Rachel. You always were the consummate professional – you just don’t give yourself enough credit. You are sooooooo deserving of the investment. Enjoy every second of it. And do share any nuggets of wisdom that can help the rest of us. [I know you will.] xx

    • thepogblog says:

      You forgot about the stick insect incident, didn’t you? And a few others…! But thank you, thise are kind words. and if course I will share anything useful…and probabky the less useful stuff, too :o) x

  4. creative pixie says:

    Cute chickens

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