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Snowy bits and pieces

‘It never snows in Beachville’, Himself informed me. This was Monday night: ‘Well, not very much at all’, He said. And Tuesday morning the penguins started to disappear: But Norman loved it (Really.  He bounced around like a puppy ): … Continue reading

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People watching

I do like a spot of people watching. I like imagining the connections between groups or couples and thinking up their back stories. Last weekend I went to the local shop and had two coffees so I could spend more … Continue reading

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The same but different

You may have noticed that I really love Bumpkinsville.  The space, the greeness, the quiet (when the neighbours aren’t making enough nose for an entire town).  I love that I can appreciate it all when I run or cycle rather … Continue reading

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Remembrance art

At 10 am this morning someone from Facilities in a different office to mine sent me an email to inform that they have no tannoy system and the fire alarm was malfunctioning and once on is difficult to turn off.  From … Continue reading

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How not to behave at an exhibition

I probably shouldn’t go to exhibitions.  I discovered this on Saturday when I went to London (I know – on a Saturday – that is practically against my religion) to meet up with a friend for a lot of nattering … Continue reading

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Pog Pictures – week 2

This week incorporating the sun, medicine, gifts, mummy, and Little Pea :o) :o)

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A different side of London

I went to a social media event yesterday morning for work.  Due to my impressive ability to get lost, I gave myself lots of ‘asking direction’ time.  Amazingly, I found it straight away and was a little early.  7.15am  for … Continue reading

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