The same but different

You may have noticed that I really love Bumpkinsville.  The space, the greeness, the quiet (when the neighbours aren’t making enough nose for an entire town).  I love that I can appreciate it all when I run or cycle rather than being stuck in a stinky gym.  And it’s views like this that got me out of bed and into my trainers this week when the temperature hadn’t got above freezing:


Isn’t it beautiful?

I felt a bit sad that most of the runs Himself does are in London, between the station and the office (via about a million different places by the sounds of things) – it couldn’t be as lovely, could it?  Apparently it can, just in a different way.  This is this photo He took on a run the other morning:


Also beautiful, I think.  The same but different.

Sometimes things aren’t quite as we expect them to be, I guess.  And sometimes that is a good thing.  You still wont catch me running in the city when I have Bumpkinsville outside my front door though :o)

Happy weekend!

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