Remembrance art

At 10 am this morning someone from Facilities in a different office to mine sent me an email to inform that they have no tannoy system and the fire alarm was malfunctioning and once on is difficult to turn off.  From this, I was apparently supposed to understand that 1) this meant they could not announce the 2 minutes silence at 11am and 2) that I needed to fix the situation.  As I’m not qualified to fix fire alarms or indeed install tannoy systems, and was slightly unsure why it was my problem anyway, I just wrote back ‘OK.  How would you like me to help you?’.  I never got a response, but I did work out a sort of solution and all was good in the office of faulty fire alarms and no tannoy.  Because it might not have been my problem, but Remembrance Day is important.

For the last week and a bit there has been a ‘Remembrance Art Trail‘ at Canary Wharf.  Arty stuff is not usually my thing, but I really wanted to take a look, so earlier this week I took a late lunch break to wander around.  Each of the exhibits had a guide to tell you about it, but you can read the details they told me here – this information really makes it all come to life.  It wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but it was thought provoking and something I’m glad I found time to do.

There are better photos on the website, but I’ve named the ones below so you can match them to the description (then find a better version on the site!)



Fallen Soldier:


Lost Armies:


Point of Everyman’s Land:



Brothers in Arms:


Boots on the Ground:


Lost Soldiers:



The exhibition is on until 6pm on Sunday.  If you’re around the area and have an hour or so to spare, take a look. :o)

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