Little Pea, me, penguins and brightness

It’s been so long since my last Little Pea and Me day that he’s practically a grown up.  Well, he’s still three, but he is certainly growing up.  I picked him up after a very cold and soggy hill running session on Saturday morning (what the hell happened to me?  Cold, wet and  I went running.  Up hills.) and told him I was a bit cold.  ‘You have a shower when we get to your house’ he told me ‘that will warm you up.’  He’s a clever thing.

Due to the weather our usual outside adventure was out, but we found a few things to do instead.  We learned from a book about how Daddy penguins look after the Mummy penguins egg while they look for food.  This is Little Pea being a Daddy Penguin:


We had a picnic lunch (although there seemed to be a bit of confusion over the number of blankets required and where they should go):


Then Little Pea found my head torch and used it to inspect the washing:


But apparently you can never have enough torches, and he found my bike lights too.  We went out like this – to the local scout jumble sale in fact – where many people complimented Little Pea on his….brightness (shortly before he blinded them with the head torch).


We bought a toy car at the jumble sale, and obviously a car needs a garage, so when we got home we made one.  But the good thing about a garage is that it has multiple uses.  Here it’s being a knight’s helmet.  Norman was just confused.


It wasn’t quite our usual adventure, but I think we both had a pretty good time for a rainy Saturday :o)


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