A stupid idea

For the last three weeks I’ve been getting up even earlier than I usually do when I go running to join an ‘increase your speed’ running course.  I’m not sure I’ve got anywhere close to increasing my speed – the first week I had to be thrown over a wall and have my back pummeled in an attempt to stop me coughing before I broke a rib.  The second week I pulled a hamstring and it was a bit ouchy to do the speed work properly.  Last week I misheard the plan; I thought we were running up three hills (which I wasn’t very impressed by, but figured it wouldn’t kill me).  It turned out we were running three sets of hills, and it nearly did kill me.  It was also peeing down with rain.  This is what I looked like by the time I got back to my car:


Tomorrow is the final part of the course and we’ll be doing something involving foam rollers.  I don’t understand either, but I’m trusting all will become clear at 8.30am.

Why have I put myself through this?  Because I am a complete idiot and on a high after finishing the beginners running course a few months back, a group of us thought it would be fun to sign up to the Brighton 10km; worse case we could walk it together.  How many of them will be going to Brighton on Sunday?  Just me.  And a lot of other runners from the wider group, many who don’t bat an eyelid at the thought of running 10km.

I, however, and having a mini meltdown.  The furthest I have ever run without stopping for a rest or to walk is 8km, and that was pushing it.  In fact, when I signed up I had to enter my expected finish time.  I contacted the group as there wasn’t a ‘Monday Morning’ option…

So anyway, if all is quiet on the blog front next week, you’ll know it’s because I am still limping along Brighton seafront in the wind and rain (because of course, the weather forecast is lovely tomorrow…and then it changes).   But if I make it – even if it is Monday –  I’m going to be very, very happy.  If you have any spare happy thoughts to propel me along on Sunday please do send them over – I think I might be needing them :o)

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  1. notewords says:

    Holding thumbs! ;-)

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