Not quite the plan, but…

What do you do when you have spent 4 weeks preparing, 1 week mildly panicking, 24 hours properly panicking, then wake up at 4.45am thanks to the torrential rain, make it to the coach for 7am to go and run your first ever 10km, only to find out it’s cancelled due to dangerous conditions 5 minutes before the coach is about to leave?

Well it turns out, you thank your lucky stars that you are surrounded by some very determined ladies and a brilliant coach who all decide that one small cancellation is not going to get between us and our intended run.

Which is why I might not have a medal to show for it, but I have just run my first ever 10km, 8 months after never, ever having run before. I’ve also done the washing, the ironing and a spot of cleaning. All before 11am. I think I might be on a bit of a high :o)

And now I am off to meet some of those other lovely runners for a lunch, and possibly a small white wine spritzer. Because I think I deserve that today :o)



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