Blue skies and smiles

When you have spent half of every weekend for the last five weeks sorting out all the crap in your house and driving huge quantities to the tip in preparation for moving on an unknown date, there’s not much better than taking a day off work and having a three day weekend that doesn’t involve filling the car to the brim and having the lovely men at the tip inform you that ‘no, that’s scrap metal’ and ‘the timber until is the other end, love’.

…Except getting to share your day off with someone and doing a bit of exploring with new eyes.

….And have the weather actually work in your favour and give you a gorgeous blue skied autumn day.

How’s this for a lovely bit of Bumpkinsville? (This is where I am lucky enough to run most Saturdays, but I’m usually more focussed on breathing than photo opportunities.)




It doesn't show up, but this tree is split in the middle so we climbed inside....

It doesn’t show up, but this tree is split in the middle so we climbed inside…. kids...

….like kids…

...for this rather lovely view.

…for this rather lovely view.

Everyone should get an extra day off work in autumn on a blue sky day to just enjoy it :o)

This is in the back of Pog Towers, and I thought was rather pretty with the colours and shadows:


And this one is from two years ago, and just makes me laugh. The fake fire was new and panicked Norman when he came through the curtains and forgot it was there :o)


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