A bit of wondering

Sometimes you have to wonder about people.  Even the people who are close to you.  On Saturday, as I do most weekends at some point, I spoke to my friend The Lovely Nut on the phone.

As is often the case, even though I’d just spent 45 minutes talking to her, she called back a few minutes later with a thought she has just had.  This particular thought was:

‘Where is my driving license?’

For those of you that don’t know, The Lovely Nut is the almost 80 year old Mum of an ex boyfriend from many years ago.  We speak every week and I see her a couple of times a year.  I don’t actually know the exact layout of every item in her house.

Me: I don’t know.  When did you last have it?  (Irritating, I know, but with her there is a good chance that is all it takes).

Her: I don’t know that I ever had it.  What does it look like?

Me: It’ll either be a credit sized card with your photo, or you might still have a folded up piece of paper.

Her:  Ah!  I have a credit sized card – my AA membership card.  Is that it?

Me: No.  I imagine that is probably your AA membership card.

Her: Well, where would it be then?

I went through all the obvious places I could think of – purse, handbag, desk drawer – but apparently they weren’t helpful.

Me:  You do have a driving licence don’t you?

Her:  Of course I do.  I’ve just never seen it.


Me: What do you need it for?

Her:  Oh, I don’t need it.  I just thought it might be useful to know where it is….

I think at that point I suggested if she’d never seen it and never needed it, it probably wasn’t worth tearing the house apart to find it right this second.  I finished the call and took a few deep breaths.  And wondered about people a little…  :o)

It was a frosty run this morning :o)

It was a frosty run this morning :o)

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