Randomness and getting a little bit Christmassy

I’ve not quite go  into the Christmas spirit yet,  but Christmassy things are starting to happen around the edges.

Last  Sunday Grandad introduced Little Pea to 70’s children’s tv.   After a spot of Hector’s House, the Magic Roundabout and Rainbow, Little Pea needed to stay close to Sister 2: img_2850But even Nanny and Grandad were taken by Pingu:


After this trauma /entertainment it was Little Pea’s turn:

And, even thought is was only the first day of December, I had my work Christmas party. I still didn’t feel hugely Christmassy, but I did discover silent discos (incase there are any other uninitiated people out there, everyone has a set of headphones which have the ability to change channels to listen to different types of music. Everyone listens to whatever they like and has no idea what the person next to them is bopping along to.) Its genius for people like me who get all self conscious about dancing. It’s not so genius when you discover a free flowing supply of champagne, lose all inhibitions, dance like and idiot and go into work the next day to discover some people videoed you…


This was some rather cool wall paper in the room I stayed in after the party (those are the eyes of a slightly drunken Pog):

img_1420And here are a couple of random photos from this week that I rather liked:





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