A different side of London

I went to a social media event yesterday morning for work.  Due to my impressive ability to get lost, I gave myself lots of ‘asking direction’ time.  Amazingly, I found it straight away and was a little early.  7.15am  for an 8.30am start, to be precise.  It meant I had quite a bit of time to get through my e-mails over a coffee and have a wander, and it was lovely.  I’m usually based in Canary Wharf, which is impressive in its own way, if a little soulless.  My usual view is something like this:


This event was in Shoreditch though, and was the polar opposite.  I thought I’d just post some of the photos I took as I really liked them – you might too.

Shoreditch seems to be the old mixed with the new:


With interesting graffiti:


Weird houses (this was on a small road between two really big main roads).  The light was burning in the lantern, runner beans were growing to the right of the door and you might be able to see the silhouettes on the second floor window.  It felt a bit creepy:


A bit further down the same road, someone had thrown bread out of a window and the pigeons were breakfasting on them:


Did you spot him?  They were being watched by a cat that edged out of the window…but never pounced.


And on the way back to the office, a very well behaved mutt got comfy on the train:


It made me smile to start the day like that :o)

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