Little Pea and the aunties day out

This week is not going to plan.  I’ve had a broken kettle and shower, snottiness and achiness, a fire on my hob while I cooked lunch at 5pm and had to wrestle a mouse from Norman at 5am yesterday.  Sunday feels like months ago….it was almost calm….

Little Pea had an auntie day out (well, a few hours – I’m not sure any of us would have lasted much longer).  I think we may have got more out of the experience than him but he looks quite happy in his papoose thing, I think:


We went to a nature trail type thing which was really cool – it had scarecrows and sunflowers:


Arrows made from bushes:


Fruit that you weren’t supposed to pick:


I told you!:



(ok, it’s a rubbish photo but we couldn’t get that close and Little Pea was kicking is legs with excitement.)


Insect hotels:




Tee pees:


Bee hives:


And scarecrows doing a spot of fishing:


Sister 2 and I also learned that attempting to feed a Little Pea in the car is not a great plan.  We also discovered that putting him on my lap with the door open made him happier, but (because I was trying to feed him) the food ended up down my jeans and all over the car park.  (I don’t have a photo of this bit as we were laughing too much to think about it.)  Happily, Sister 1 arrived just as I’d covered his muslin in a delicious combination of spinach and prunes and rescued the situation.  Being an auntie is great, but I need a lot more practice at it! :o)

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6 Responses to Little Pea and the aunties day out

  1. Looks idyllic :)
    I’m not going to lie though, the image that stays with me is the scarecrow posing as a fisherman…I may have to sleep with the light on!

  2. lynnbashforth says:

    Being an auntie is fab! I have 2 nephews and it’s always great to do stuff with them. Kind of wish they were little again though – at 11 and 9, they’re getting too old to hug without embarrassing them :-)

  3. Hiya, its great to see that your still smiling. Enjoy your adventures with little pea – just remember wine and wet wipes are always essential when you are spending time with little ones. xx

    • thepogblog says:

      Hello you! Wet wipes are AMAZING aren’t they? I had no idea. I realise now that the nappy bag is missing that wine you suggest on our outings. I’ll rectify that immediately ;o) xx

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