Another Pogimal day out

You felt the Pogimals needed another day out.  Like a loon, I thought they would appreciate a day trip to London.  Please bear in mind when you see the pictures that London is quite a busy place.  And taking socks…sorry…Pogimals out for photography opportunities in that sort of a place does result in a few funny looks…  I can only assume that the men in white coats were rather busy yesterday.  

 So, over to Miss Fancy Pants I think…

Well daaaarrlings, yesterday we went out the big door of Pog Towers once again and it was so terribly exciting.  Spike, bless him, got a little overexcited when the discovery of a chocolate machine followed the train ride and Pog had to extract him. 

 Next we went in a tube.  Sadly, for the duration of that we had to stay in Pog’s bag for some reason but she let us have a photo with a deliciously bright Canary Wharf sign afterwards.

Spike had trouble containing his excitement again, the little love.  The big stairs were just a little bit too much for him.

At the top of the stairs there was a really tall building that was just stunning.

And after than we went to view something called The Dome.  It was very high.  Beanie was so scared that he had to cover his eyes with his hat, but he was terribly brave and we managed to get a group photograph which is simply lovely.


That’s all for now folks…  I think I’ll keep a low profile for a while as even the cashier in Tesco tonight asked if the socks I was buying were for wearing or for cutting up… :o)

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2 Responses to Another Pogimal day out

  1. Biker's friends' Mummy says:

    That would make a very story for a childrens book.Or a programme on CBeebies!! There is no ending to your talent!

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