A Slightly Surreal Saturday

Last night was slightly surreal in a couple of ways…

It was the birthday of Sisters 2’s boyfriend so we all went out for the evening.  I was feeling hideously flumpy (fat, lumpy and more than a little unattractive) so met up with Sister 1 wearing the only outfit that seemed to work:  A brown paper bag.


I was then introduced to Sister 1’s two new house mates:




 Gorgeous!  They do make you feel like you’ve stepped back to prehistoric times though (albeit, prehistoric times with electric lights and beige carpets).

Then we met up with the others at the restaurant and I gave boyfriend of Sister 1 his birthday present.  Something he has been requesting ever since I started making Pogimals. 

Please turn away now if you are feeling a little sensitive.  Because I now present to you… the only two in existence (and the only two that ever will be  in existence!)….

The very unique…Pornimals….

There are no more words at this point.  Other than ‘sorry’  ;o)x

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