Charlie Cat Missing in Action

As Facebook friends will know, today has not been the best.  Charlie cat was last seen Wednesday evening – which I know isn’t long ago, but Charlie requires almost hourly cuddles and so when he wasn’t at the end of my bed yesterday morning, I was worried.  He’s not been home since and this morning full blown panic set in. 

This doesn’t sound like a very smile inducing post, but, although there is still no sign of the little fur ball and the panic is now close to hysteria, today has been one where I’ve realised that there are some very lovely people out there.

At 6am I went out on my bike to look and stopped the dog walkers…all of who promised to keep an eye out.

I made a flier, posted it on face book and had lots of lovely responses about naughty felines that had been missing far longer than Charlie cat and still turned up….so I am still hopeful.

I called the printer who prints the magazine I write for as soon as he opened.  I explained that I needed some basic fliers doing to try to find Charlie (I don’t have my own printer) and that I would pay whatever was needed to get them done asap.  He printed them for me, in colour, for free.

My boss was more understanding that I could possibly imagine someone with cats being (and she only has the non-fur ball type of boys).

I met a cat called Herbie on my wanderings who liked the treats I was shaking when I called to Charlie – he followed me around the road for a good ten minutes

Sister 1 had a late shift today and volunteered to come over this morning to help me look and deliver fliers. (Sister 2 is at work – she wasn’t being lazy!)

We spoke to quite a few people, all who took the time to take me to their garden, take a look in their sheds or just say that they would keep a look out.

I went to two local shops and both waived the charge to put a flier in their window for me.

Within minutes of getting home, I’d had two calls and a text – all from strangers – telling me where they had found their cat locally when it had gone missing so I could try those spots.

I’ve called the local vets, I’ve searched the hedgerows on the main road in case he had been hit but nothing :o(  Fingers crossed that he is in a shed and someone will see the flier when they get home from work and free him to come home.  Norman and I are feeling a bit lost at the moment, but it is good to know that there are lovely people around.  So it’s a sort of :o)

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4 Responses to Charlie Cat Missing in Action

  1. Sue Byrne says:

    Oh I do hope you find him…fingers crossed…I have three cats and would hate any of them to go missing….good luck

  2. Oh no no no, I can’t bear this. I hope he’s home already or turns up really soon. Big hug to you and Norman.

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