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Happy Furday!

I think we have all been together long enough to know that Norman is pretty much my child equivalent.  And today is his sixth birthday! I sang happy birthday to him at 4.30am this morning and he didn’t seem impressed, … Continue reading

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Good bye Charlie Cat

If you read my blog much or know me, you’ll know about Charlie Cat going MIA.  He’s not back, but I think it’s about time I recounted the last part of the story, so here goes: One of the calls … Continue reading

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Bumpkinsville Hunting

I won’t post on Charlie cat again (unless he is found, then I will shout it from the roof tops) but indulge me this last time… After a second flyer-ing and putting up of posters at the weekend, there was … Continue reading

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Charlie Cat Missing in Action

As Facebook friends will know, today has not been the best.  Charlie cat was last seen Wednesday evening – which I know isn’t long ago, but Charlie requires almost hourly cuddles and so when he wasn’t at the end of … Continue reading

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