Bumpkinsville Hunting

I won’t post on Charlie cat again (unless he is found, then I will shout it from the roof tops) but indulge me this last time…

After a second flyer-ing and putting up of posters at the weekend, there was a sighting of Charlie not too far away.  I rushed over, almost kidnapped a similar looking cat in my excitement and then walked around a few fields with the lovely lady who thought she’d seen him.

I’ve been out tonight too…for a long time…no Charlie cat, but I do have a few tips should you ever be in a similar position:

  • Do not go ‘off piste’ in a woods you’ve never been to.  It’s quite difficult to push through dense branches to find your way back.  And it means you get a lot of tree in your hair.
  • Wear waders when walking through a field of thigh high grass or expect to get seriously soggy
  • Check that your wellies are watertight, especially when there has been torrential rain for what feels like weeks
  • Just because a field looks like it’s just grass doesn’t mean there isn’t a small river running through it
  • Just because you have fallen into one river doesn’t mean there wont be another shortly afterwards
  • When walking though a large field in growing darkness, be aware that the rivers will be there on the way back too…
  • ….and that wellies that aren’t watertight that have gone through rivers four times mean you have your own private puddles to trudge home in.
  • Shining a torch through the windows of an empty house will get at least two neighbours looking worriedly out of their windows (I’m waiting for the police to turn up at any minute looking for a potential burglar in leaky wellies with tree in their hair carrying a box of Whiskers Temptations).
  • Donkies have really big teeth.
  • In local woods you can find a variety of things should you need to refurnish your house.  I found a deep fat fryer, a sofa, a garden pot and a giant stuffed Pluto.

You never know, they might be useful tips for you one day :o)

sometimes I'd like to be able to hide in the nearest bag too...

My lovely furball :o(

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2 Responses to Bumpkinsville Hunting

  1. Oh no. Cats are so resilient; he might still turn up. I’ve got everything crossed. xx

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