A few Pog type incidents

OK, I am seriously behind on the blog so I’ll do a summary of the last few Pog-isms that have happened which would have probably have been better if they hadn’t…

  • Getting in the car, putting it in reverse, taking off the handbrake and having a panic that it had finally broken as it didn’t move.  Sister 1 informed me at that point that ‘it might help to turn it on’.
  • Dressing half for work (top half) and half for an early morning Charlie search (jeans and trainers) and forgetting I needed to change the bottom half for work.  Red trainers covered in Bumpkinsville mud don’t quite fit in at the Canary Wharf office.
  • Attempting to introduce TTB to people and…completely forgetting his name.
  • Thinking I might have heard Charlie cat while sitting on the back door step with Norman one night, rushing behind the shed, hooking myself over the fence and almost being savaged by the Wild Beast of Bumpkinsville (which in all probability was actually just a poodle with a vicious bark), hurtling back out from behind the shed, getting my foot stuck in the mud and loosing a shoe.
  • Deciding that mountain biking a 13 mile track around a reservoir with TTB was a good idea and that I should listen to the weather forecast (cold and rain).  Sporting a vest top, hooded top and winter waterproof jacket I was melting within 10 minutes…
  • ….and deciding to whip off the sweaty vest top in the rather busy car park (it felt really icky) just as TTB chose to impersonate a car alarm: while I was standing in my jeans and bra. (Thank you for that!)

I blame it on Charlie can related panic.  (For those wanting to know, he is still missing.  I’m starting to think Norman may have swapped him for a sausage.  I have new posters arriving tomorrow though so I’ve not given up yet.)

Here’s hoping that the next few days are a little saner.  Well…I can hope :o)


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