How to catch a spider

I’ve not mentioned it before, but TTB has a Little Boy.  We shall call him TTBLB (The Toy Boy’s Little Boy).  He is five and Gorgeous.

A few weeks ago I went to see them, and TTB told TTBLB to tell me about his latest antics.  It turned out there was a ‘really really fast spider that daddy can’t catch’ so, off his own back TTBLB had devised a plan of capture, This plan involved liberally covering the flat in pieces of blu tac so that ‘when the spider runs across it will get stuck’.  I wondered whether he was wanting to kill or capture the spider and was informed that is was just a method of capture.

add to the backs of doors and letter boxes…

…and to heaters – top and side

Overnight things must have changed though, as at some early hour TTBLB was clearly busy with plan B, having already informed us that none of the blu tack lumps had worked.  When we got up we discovered that TTBLB had set up his guns (the sort that fire foam pellets, nothing sharp and pointy) in a sniper style at various points so that if he spied the very, very fast spider, he could shoot it.

Sadly I’m not sure this strategy worked either, but it’s something to bear in mind should you ever need to capture a very, very fast spider yourself :o)

it may be best not to try with one this size…

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