Planning, Pogimals and Panic

I’ve been up every night doing it…I’ve been doing it in the garden…I’ve even mastered the art of doing it on the train…. Minds out of gutters please people – I mean I’ve been doing more than a a spot of Pogimal midwifery and eye surgery. Because…

…on Monday I will be hosting a Pogimal stall (do you ‘host’ stalls?) at the Ide Hill Village Fair….

Naturally, I am pooping my (big) pants that it may rain, nobody will turn up or, almost worse, that herds of people will arrive and swarm past my stall like locusts without a second glance. There is also a tiny panic in my tummy that I have way too much preparation to do between now and Monday morning.

On the off chance that it all goes swimmingly, should you be in the Ide Hill area of Bumpkinsville on Monday, the fair starts at 2pm, rain or shine and I will be there, with the Pogimals, obviously. Not quite so obviously I will also have lavender bags that I’ve made using local lavender, brooches and candles in teacups (both of which have also been made with my own fair hands. Ok, my own slightly rough hands.)

If you can’t make it perhaps you could do a few sunshine dances for me? And next time I blog I’ll tell you if it worked. :o)x

The green where I will be selling my wares :o)

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