Bank Holiday Fair – featuring POGIMALS!

My fingers are shredded and blistered. I ache all over; my knees my arms, even the soles of my feet, my ankles are puffy (surely I am too young for that one?!) and for the last 3 hours if I’d done something daft – like relax – I’d have fallen asleep on the spot. I also have a grin that a Cheshire cat would be jealous of.

Because I have had my first ever Pogimal stall at a real life fair. And as well as lots of lovely comments and meeting lots of lovely people, I sold *drum roll*….40 Pogimals! Yes, that is forty. Four. Zero! (I also sold quite a lot of candles in tea cups, lavender bags and beady pin things.)

I also saw some cheese rolling (?!) a tug o’ war and pony and trap rides. Only in Bumpkinsville…

Big thank yous to mum and dad who turned out to be expert gazebo putter –uppers, Sisters 1 and 2 and assorted partners for making the stall look very busy from the start, to cycling friends mum who came to visit despite having a hoard of people to feed later in the day and to Lovely Little Man and Gorgeous Godson (to be) who gave me lot of little people smiles and giggles. Also, thank you to everyone who did a sun dance for today. The heavens opened 10 minutes after I got home  :oD

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5 Responses to Bank Holiday Fair – featuring POGIMALS!

  1. Biker's friends' Mummy says:

    Well done Helen.
    You did brilliantly. So pleased for you. You have got so much tallent it proved it today. I am thrilled with my purchases and one day you will have your own shop.

  2. FORTY? Wow, that’s amazing – congratulations.

    Did you get my thank you? I was so touched to receive the lavender heart in the post via Mr B. Thank you so much for it. I inhale Kent at regular intervals here at my desk in Bangkok. Thank you.

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you Mrs B…Pogimal world domination is next on my list :o)
      I saw your thank you comment on here…am very pleased that you like your little piece of Kent :o)

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