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Yesterday was boot shopping day. It became a group effort with Sister 1, Sister 2 and Little Peas all in attendance. It went quite smoothly. We found a pair we all liked that fitted, but they were rather expensive.  So … Continue reading

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Pog’s personal shopper

I’ve never really been into fashion.  The only time I’m ever ‘on trend’ is purely an accident. Today, for example, I’m wearing a hoody (hood up – it’s been cold in my conservatory today), a HUGE pair of velour tracksuit bottoms … Continue reading

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It’s raining chaos

I go on holiday on Friday.  I’m usually really organised about this sort of thing, but something has gone wrong this year and I’ve left everything right to the very last minute.  This is resulting in a lot of ‘oops … Continue reading

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Revolutions and revelations

My Tesco trips have been revolutionised. Revolutionised I tell you! I know they have been around forever but ‘my’ Tesco has just introduced those scanning thingys  so you can scan as you shop and miss out on that really irritating … Continue reading

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Thursday night is Tesco night!

Thursday night, come hell or high water I do my weekly shop.  This has meant occasionally being the only shopper as shelves are filled in the early hours (it’s 24 hours, I don’t break in through desperation or anything). Tonight … Continue reading

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