Thursday night is Tesco night!

Thursday night, come hell or high water I do my weekly shop.  This has meant occasionally being the only shopper as shelves are filled in the early hours (it’s 24 hours, I don’t break in through desperation or anything).

sometimes you should sit, be quiet and have a think before you open your mouth...

sometimes you should sit, be quiet and have a think before you open your mouth...

Tonight though, I finished work early and had the privilege of getting there with the hoards.  Now, I should point out that I start work early and therefore get up early.  4.30am to be precise.  So by 6pm I tend to entirely lose my limited ability to engage my brain before I speak.  That combined with my shopping entertainment of ‘guess what the shopper is having for dinner’ resulted in a slightly embarrassing incident tonight.  On seeing a lady pushing a trolley towards me, half full of cat food and the other half full of Pinot Grigio, I enquired if her cats were having a party… (to her credit she replied that it was that or she was trying out an entirely new type of dip!)

A few weeks back, a different lady told me that the Toy Story 3 merchandise was expected to sell out fast as we stood in the toy aisle (I was looking for a present for a friend’s child).  She recommended that I stock up now.  I nodded enthusiastically, thanked her and told her I would do just that.  On the next aisle she looked at my rather empty trolley in surprise and I had to admit I’d remembered I don’t actually have any children and therefore probably didn’t need a vast stock of Toy Story toys…

Both of them seemed slightly bemused, maybe even concerned.  I hope later on when they realised that I probably had just had a long day, they smiled. Perhaps I should stick to my late night trips in future…:o)

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