Child thieves and mad fishwives

I bet nobody has ever tried to steal his indicator thingy

I bet nobody has ever tried to steal his indicator thingy

Well, I was just sitting here on the lap top gormlessly staring out the window when I saw a boy attempting to steal the indicator thingy off my car.  I opened the door and requested to know what he thought he was doing (only very loudly, very high pitched and possibly slightly more rudely).  He ran.  I’m not sure if he was scared due to my fishwife impression or that fact that I was in ‘working-from-home- attire (mismatched, very oversized, no make up and hair impersonating a birds nest). 

I then realised that if I left it matters as they were that he could just come back to complete the job.  I’d got part of the number plate of the car his mate was driving so I hopped in my car, drove to the end of my road and found them in a driveway (they were obviously too young to have ever heard the saying about not shitting on your own doorstep.  Or indeed that of your neighbour).  I think it is safe to say that I scared them with my outright lies that I had a photo of them in the act on my phone.  I informed them I would therefore call the police and stomped off.

I then realised if I left matters as they were now, police or not, my car or even my house may suffer…  I changed out of my fluffy stripy socks teamed so elegantly with my orange Crocs and introduced my hair to a brush before taking some deep breaths and walking back up the road.  I’d like to say that the next part was as a result of me being a good person but actually it was more because I was feeling a bit intimidated and didn’t want to be nominated as the local mad fish wife.  Anyway, I told them they were 1) crap at thieving and 2) daft as I could call the police and all for something that would only cost a few pounds to buy.  They agreed on both counts and apologised in what seemed to be quite a genuine way.  I have no idea if I have done the right thing or not.  I know some will think I should have got them punished but I would like to think that this way was more effective (and means that my car and house will be safe).  I did also point out that if anything happened to either in future, they would be the first place I would send the police.

So smiles?  Well, I made them smile by not getting them in trouble and they made me smile because of their total embarrassment and slightly cheeky ‘sorry’ as I walked away…:o)

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