Achey-ness and a few tips

How achey people should spend the day (only minus the fur and tail)

How achey people should spend the day (only minus the fur and tail)

I’m a bit achey.  It’s a happy sort of ache though.  The sort where you have pushed your body hard and know you don’t have to do it again for a long time… I finished the 80km Cyclo Sportive on Sunday in a (for me) rather impressive 3hours 14minutes.  Unfortunately I was so happy to have managed it in under 3.5 hours that I forgot to stretch, even a little bit.  So now I am rather creaky.  I couldn’t tell what was the bike and what was my knees on this mornings I-must-keep-moving ride but at least I am in one piece and can tick off ‘long bike ride with 899 others’ from my to do list for 2010.  (My speedy friend lived up to his name by the way with a stunning finish time of 2 hours 42 minutes).

So,  my tips for you after my bike ride:

1) Don’t cycle over a level crossing at 26mph. You bounce off the road and loose the jelly babies in your back pocket.

2) When surrounded by about 800 men in lycra, do not start wondering what the worst colour cycling shorts a man can wear are (in terms of erm…being able to see more of their bits and pieces than you should).  It results in accidently staring at crutches and getting strange looks.  (The answer is definitely white though.)

3) Straight men do not like taking part in discussions about the shape of other men’s legs or how muscley they are.

4) Don’t forget that you are surrounded by other cyclists who may not understand your need to baa at sheep, quack at ducks or sing at the top of your voice.

Anyway, I hope they help should you ever be taking part in a Sportive.  Tomorrow it’s back to the pole dancing and a bit more pain..:o)

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2 Responses to Achey-ness and a few tips

  1. Anna says:

    Er….although the poglet may not have stretched,I do believe a certain nanna massaged a few achey bits out?!?!?!?so it could have been worse in fairness!!
    Well done-I don’t think I could sit on a bike for 3 hours,nevermind cycling it anywhere!!!!!

    • thepogblog says:

      Very good point nanna…
      5) Have your sisters available at the end of the ride- one to provide huge quantities of chocolate and one to give you a great massage (thank you both!x)

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