Paint drips and cookie crumbs

Eric, the happy bumble bee (I bet he's smiling)

Eric, the happy bumble bee (I bet he's smiling)

Last weekend after the usual bike ride, doing the cleaning and washing I popped along to Homebase for some light bulbs.  While I was there I decided that recent weekends had lacked the required feeling of achievement and the obvious solution was to decorate the bathroom.  Being the smallest room in my very small house I calculated that I could start and finish it before going to see my parents for dinner in 3 hours time.  Obviously my calculations were off as was my conviction that the bathroom would only need one coat…

Sunday I couldn’t decide whether I should make the cookies I had told friends and family I would distribute that evening or do the second coat on the bathroom.  In retrospect I should probably have viewed the two as quite separate activities, but I think that the Duck Egg tint adds a special something to the cookies and the crumb texture in the bathroom will be a talking point for years to come.

Anyway, everyone received their cookies (some with a suggestion that they eat them in the dark) and I have a lovely green bathroom (which is a bit of a mystery as I thought I was paining it blue, but hey ho).

So what’s the plan for this weekend?  Well Saturday the focus will be making cards for the WI’s boot-fair-involving-no-boots.  Sunday I’ll be cycling 50 miles around the Kent countryside in the Cyclo Sportive as fast as I can so I don’t completely lose face when comparing times with my very speedy friend.

Maybe the weekend after I could catch up on my sleep a little…but we’ll see…:o)

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