Where to start?

My happy tree. Everyone should have one.

My happy tree. Everyone should have one.

I think I may have just put a bit of pressure on my shoulders….make you smile?  I can’t do that on demand.  But hey ho, let’s see where this takes us.  If I can remember my password and the required technical knowledge I’ll update here as and when and if you like it you can read, if you don’t you can click away…deal?

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2 Responses to Where to start?

  1. sally says:

    Your stories have made me very smiley poggy!!! i would really love to see the faces on some of these people when u are either hurling abuse at them, or trying conversations when u are a little on the tired side!!!!! love you x x x x

  2. Simon R says:

    Thanks for letting me know that you’re doing this. You’ve *always* been able to make me smile. Looking forward to being a regular reader. xx

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