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All sanity has left the building

Every day I think “this job can’t get any worse”.  And then it does.  The good news though, is that I am through the ‘crying hysterically about it’ phase, and have moved on to the ‘slightly manically laughing about it’ … Continue reading

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Pog pictures – week 6

All Bumpkinsville based this week.  I think I need to get our more! :o)

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Secret Baker – Cookie Recipe. And a thing about a chicken.

A friend on Facebook suggested after I posted yesterday that I should share the recipe of the cookies I made in some of my Secret Baker exploits. Now in doing this I am letting you into a secret which somewhat … Continue reading

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The Secret Baker update

When I was at primary school, I was very jealous of Emma.  Whenever Emma was poorly, her mum would take a z-bed (that’s what we called posh camp beds in the early 80’s) into their lounge with Emma’s duvet and … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas to you!

Well, I think I may have turned onto Kistie Allsop overnight (I wish).  I started today with a bike ride  – ok, not quite how you picture the queen of crafting – but it was very country bumpkinsville-ish.  I saw … Continue reading

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A Cookie Fairy Secret. Shhhhhh…

I’m going to tell you a secret.  Don’t tell anyone though. The cookie fairy has been doing overtime.  Over the last 4 weeks she has baked something in the region of 1000 cookies… And what was the reason for this?  … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned This Week

It’s been a busy old week with a lot of randomness so you might find something useful for your coming week amongst the below: Tuesday swim + Wednesday pole dance + Thursday ice skate + Friday swim = severe Saturday … Continue reading

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Storage issues, ginger cake and a whole lot of lights…

I may have mentioned a couple of times before that I live in the smallest house ever built.  This has caused a few issues this week as I’ve finally bought a new tv (Hooray! – now I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Christmas Presents and Christmas Preparation

What’s your best Christmas present ever?  I don’t mean the best one you have received; I mean the best you have given.  The favourite present I have ever given involved snaffling the letters and telegrams my Granddad wrote to Nanny … Continue reading

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Panic, Preparation and a lovely Present

Well, after the Christmas party finishing with a white van and a French bull dog and the resulting horizontal day (hangover – nothing more exciting), I had one more day off and managed long weekend of Christmas panic.  For some reason … Continue reading

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