Lessons Learned This Week

It’s been a busy old week with a lot of randomness so you might find something useful for your coming week amongst the below:

  • Tuesday swim + Wednesday pole dance + Thursday ice skate + Friday swim = severe Saturday achey-ness.
  • Ice skating is far more effort than I remember it being when I was about 13.
  • Nose clips do indeed stop water going up your nose while swimming.  But as you have to breathe more enthusiastically through your mouth you actually swallow a lot more water.
  • It takes almost exactly 3 hours to cook 203 cookies.
  • It is possible to go for dinner with someone you’ve not seen for 17 years and start the conversation ‘So, how was your day?’ (Thank you for a lovely evening, very old school friend).
  • £4 is indeed a bargain for a tin of Quality Streets.  However, if you pick out all the toffee and fudge based ones it looses its bargain value as there are hardly any of the good ones in a tin.  (Although the picking out step does help significantly with the un-fatness plan.  Not buying them in the first place would have helped even more).
  • I am not the only one to name their pets with slightly daft names.  Meet Marvin (Trevor was feeling a bit too shy for a photo and I was sufficiently scared of the two pythons to promptly forget their names let alone consider trying to take a picture).

  • Three year olds have more energy to use up in one evening that I have to spread over an entire week.
  • A small box of building blocks plus a little imagination is sufficient to makes towers, airports, train stations, houses, cars, castles (complete with special doors so that dragons can’t get in) and tunnels.
  • Building blocks can keep both 3 and 33 year old boys quiet for a good hour or so.
  • In one week it is possible for your leaky thing to start leaking again, for the hot water tank timer to die (resulting in very cold showers) and for your headlight bulb, then bulb holder then headlight to need replacing.  ‘That’ll be £133 pounds please’.  And that as just the headlight.  Which looks daft being all shiny and new on an OAP Corsa…
  • It is possible to walk to the garage to pick up your OAP Corsa with your gloves rolled in a ball inside your hat.  The hat that you are wearing. And nobody you talk to will tell you how silly you look.


I may join Charlie in a spot of hibernation next week...

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5 Responses to Lessons Learned This Week

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  2. Martin says:

    I seem to recall that someone else was quite engrossed in building towers with building blocks too and was even quite competative in relation to who had built the tallest tower. And what is daft about calling snakes Trevor, Marvin, Millie and Sydney (hissing sid of course), ok, they are daft names :o)
    Next time we will get Millie to come out, she is the biggest of them and hopefully Trevor and Sydney wont both be about to shed, which made them a bit shy.
    Thanks for a fun afternoon and evening. I think one of the highlights was watching you play tag rugby with Sam, still at least you can get his little tag belt around your waist unlike me!!

  3. Ems says:

    sounds like you had a busy week last week! Which old school friend did you meet up with? Anyone I know?
    Back from Kenya – had an amazing time but shattered!
    Look forward to catching up at half term as planning to visit
    Now to read more of your blogs!
    Ems x

    • thepogblog says:

      I can’t wait to hear all about it – I’ve been thinking of you lots :o) I hope that the girls coped without you.
      It was Ceri I met up with – was fun to see an old friend.

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